Dante Minniti

Dante Minniti is currently Director of the Ph.D program at Universidad Andrés Bello. He obtained his PhD in 1993 at the University of Arizona (USA). He was Postdoctoral Fellow of the European Southern Observatory in 1993-1996, and a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow in 1996-1998. He is a member of the MACHO Collaboration since 1996, and of the SuperMACHO Collaboration since 2001.


B.Sc. in Astronomy, Universidad de Cródoba, Argentina (1987)
Ph.D. in Astronomy, Universidad de Arizona, EE.UU. (1993)
Postdoc. Studies, en el Observatorio Europeo Austral, ESO, en Garching, Alemania (1996-1998)

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He has obtained several international research grants from NASA (USA), ALFA (European Union), CONICYT (Chile), CONICET (Argentina), CNRS (France), ICTP (Italy), etc. He was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship Prize in 2005 in recognition for his work on Stellar Populations. This year he has been named Adjunct Scholar for the Vatican Observatory, and was also awarded the Scopus Prize 2008 in the area of Physics and Astronomy. He is also referee for the leading journals in Astronomy, and for national and international funding agencies, and has been member of various scientific committees, such as the Scientific and Technology Committee of the European Southern Observatory and the Gemini International Telescope Allocation Committee.









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